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    Pool Pump Experts – Pool Motor Supply has proudly served the Dallas area since 2012, specializing in the installation of New and Replacement Variable-Speed Swimming Pool Pumps.

    Your Variable Speed Pool Pump operates continuously – every day, 365 days a year. Consequently, it’s common for these motors to encounter issues such as grinding, squeaking, leaks, or even complete failure over time. Let our skilled variable speed pool pump technicians handle the repair, replacement, or new installation of your variable speed pool pump.

    At Pool Pump Experts – Pool Motor Supply, our dedication to this specialized service is reflected in our name. And our commitment to affordability stems from our singular focus on delivering exceptional variable speed pool pump solutions.

    Our technicians are licensed by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, P. O. Box 12157, Texas, License #694.

    Plano’s Premier Variable Speed Pool Pumps Suppliers

    Our Variable Speed Pool Pump Services

    If you are experiencing problems with your swimming pool pump or pool motor you’ve come to the right place. We are 100% focused on pool motor repair and pool pump repairs in Texas. Our services range from repair to complete replacements of all types of pool pumps and pool motors.

    If your pool pump circulation has slowed down, shows signs of air bubbles, or manifests water leaks, count on us for assistance. Our expertise lies in installing new variable speed pool pumps, and we also specialize in addressing issues with your existing pool pump. Our range includes new pumps from reputable brands like Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, and STA-RITE.

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    We offer affordable Single Speed Pool Pump Solutions

    Did you know that your single-speed swimming pool pump is the 2nd largest consumer of electricity in your household, just behind your HVAC system?

    The reason single-speed pool pumps use such an excessive amount of electricity is because they are oversized to run features which account for less than 10% of your pools’ necessary run time. 

    Single-speed pool pumps have a standard 3,450 rpm run speed and cannot change their flow rate. They are sized and powered to perform the pools most demanding tasks such as: backwashing, running pool sweeps, waterfalls, and spa jets. However, these features typically account for less than 10% of a pool’s operational lifetime. 

    This means that 90% of the time, single-speed pool pumps needlessly consume more electricity than the pools filtration system requires. The chart below shows the cost relationship between motor speed, water flow and electricity demand/consumption.

    Electricity Savings

    Single-Speed Pump vs. Variable Speed Pump

    Speed (rpm) Flow (gpm) Power Consumption (Watts) Monthly Energy Savings $$$
    3450 rpm Single-Speed Pumps 66 2,000 0
    3000 rpm 55* 1,157 42.2%
    2400 rpm 44 593 70.4%
    1800 rpm 33 250 87.5%
    1200 rpm 22 74 96.3%
    600 rpm 11 9 99.6%

    In many cases, variable-speed pool pump owners find their energy savings lead to a relatively quick return on investment, often within a few years.

    How Much Money Can I Save Every Year with a Variable-Speed Pool Pump?

    We asked the top variable speed pool pump manufacturers in the chart below.

    Variable-Speed Pump Manufacturer Single-Speed Electricity Cost Per Year Variable-Speed Electricity Cost Per Year Total Savings Per Year
    Pentair $835 $105 $730*
    Jandy $813 $67 $746*
    Hayward $732 $96 $636*

    Variable-Speed Pool Pump is like a dimmer switch for your swimming pool’s water circulation system. 

    Let’s compare a variable speed pool pump to a single speed pool pump:

    1. Single-Speed Pool Pumps: These are basic pool pumps that operate at full horsepower whenever you turn them on. They have only one speed setting, which can be inefficient and costly in terms of energy usage.
    2. Variable-Speed Pool Pumps (VS Pumps): Variable-Speed Pool Pumps are the most advanced and energy-efficient pool pump option. Here’s how they work:
      • Adjustable Speed: Just like a dimmer switch for a light bulb, a variable-speed pool pump can dial up or down its speed as needed for various conditions.
      • Energy Savings: By running at lower speeds during less demanding tasks (such as filtration), variable-speed pool pumps save energy and reduce monthly electric bills.
      • Quiet Operation: Variable-Speed Pool Pumps operate quietly, producing less noise than single-speed pool pumps.
      • Longer Lifespan: The ability to run at lower speeds puts less stress on variable-speed pool pumps, resulting in a longer pool pump lifespan.
      • Improved Filtration: Variable speeds allow for better filtration and circulation of pool water.

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    Variable-Speed Pool Pump FAQ's

    • What are the main benefits of using a variable-speed pool pump?
      Benefits include electricity savings, reduced operational costs, quieter operation, longer pump lifespan, and the ability to customize water flow for different pool functions.
    • Can variable-speed pool pumps be retrofitted to existing pool systems?
      Yes, variable-speed pool pumps can be retrofitted to existing pool systems. However, it’s advisable to consult with a pool professional to ensure proper installation and compatibility with your existing setup.
    • What is the impact of using a variable-speed pump on pool maintenance?
      Variable-speed pumps contribute to improved pool maintenance by providing better filtration and circulation control. The ability to adjust the pump speed allows for optimal skimming, filtration, and chemical distribution.
    • What is the typical payback period for investing in a variable-speed pool pump?
      The payback period for a variable-speed pool pump varies based on factors such as: local electricity costs, pump run time, and speed and flow settings. However, many pool owners realize a relatively quick return on investment due to substantial electricity savings.
    • What kind of warranty do variable-speed pool pumps come with?
      The major OEM variable-speed pool pump manufacturers (Pentair, Jandy, Hayward) offer a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty when installed by a licensed pool professional. These OEM’s have local warranty stations that will come to your home to address any service-related issue during the warranty period. Online (off-brand) variable speed pool pump manufacturers usually offer up to a 1-Year Warranty on their pumps, but do not offer local support – requiring you ship the pump directly to the manufacturer for warranty/service-related issues.